Four of the World’s Most Famous Con Artists

They say “cheaters never prosper,” but the really talented ones do seem to get away with it, for a little while at least. Here are four cheaters who were so effective, you can’t help but be impressed.

George C. Parker

A true confidence man after the old traditions, George C. Parker is the origin of the old saying, “And if you believe that, then I have a bridge to sell you.” His claim to fame is the sale of New York landmarks to unwary victims. He sold Lady Liberty, Madison Square Gardens, even posing as a grandson of General Grant in order to sell his tomb. Most famously, however, was the repeated sale of the Brooklyn Bridge, hence the phrase. He was convicted of fraud three separate times and spent his final years behind bars.

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Charles Ponzi

One of the grandfathers of white-collar crime, Charles Ponzi was an Italian immigrant, whose scam became so famous they named it after him. Ponzi ran an investment scheme wherein he paid dividends to a first round of investors with the capital from a second. In other words, he wasn’t accumulating wealth so much as he was accumulating debt. Eventually, people caught on, he was sent to prison, then extradited to Italy, and died a pauper there in 1949.

Robert Hendy-Freegard

A particularly insidious scammer, Robert Hendy-Freegard posed as an undercover MI5 agent in the UK in the 90’s, much to the personal torment of many innocent victims. Unlike the others on this list, who mainly deprived gullible marks of their liquid assets, Freegard subjected his victims to non-trivial amounts of psychological torment. Among other things, he convinced many to go into hiding fearing IRA assassination, seduced multiple women (who he abused) under the pretense of wanting to marry them, and conned his victims out of hundreds of thousand of Great Britain Pounds. Worse yet, unlike many of his con artist peers, Freegard has filled his sentence, and today walks free.

Frank Abagnale

We end with Mr. Abagnale, a confidence man so impactful they made a movie about him. Frank is famous for writing false checks in the 1960’s, a trick that accumulated him a total value of over $2.5 million. He’s also famous for impersonating a Pan Am pilot, a medical supervisor, a lawyer, and a teacher. He served 6 months each in a French prison, and a Swedish one. During a transfer to the U.S. he escaped, only to caught again and returned to prison, where he escaped again by pretending to be an undercover office of the Bureau of Prisons.

Eventually, the government decided he was more valuable as an asset than as an enemy, and offered him his freedom in exchange for assisting the FBI in fraud and scam cases pro bono. As of today, he runs a fraud consultancy, which has once again made him a millionaire.

Cons and scams still happen today, so keep your eyes peeled, and be wary of any deal that seems too good to be true. And by doing your research, you will actually be able to identify good opportunities, such as the mislabelled “ACN scam.”

After DUI Charges: How to Defend Yourself


Probably all drivers heard the legends of how to surpass a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charge. It includes breath mint of sucking on a penny. Sad to say, the following methods are frequently debunked.

Instead of relying on superstitious to surpass DUI conviction, there are better strategies to beat any charges. From the police stop until going to court, the following defenses will help in reducing any unreasonable harsh sentence.

No Probable Cause for Arrest

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If a police officer does not have any probable cause to stop a vehicle, detain the driver or even arrest a person for drunk driving, it can be a strong evidence against that police officer when admitted to court.

Mistake of Fact

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The mistake of fact is a strong defense against DUI charge especially when the person has an honest belief that they are not intoxicated. A situation like this happens when the hindered effect of the person’s prescribe medication has worn off.

Involuntary Intoxication

It is a situation when the person accused has consumed alcohol without their knowledge. Episodes like this commonly happen at parties when the punchbowl has alcohol content.

Improper Police Actions

It is a defense that includes testimony or evidence that an officer has violated the appellant’s civil rights. It includes charging a false DUI report or the improper enactment of the officer.

No Miranda Warnings

If arrested then an officer should provide the defendant with Miranda warnings as part of the proper process. Miranda warning are the warnings often hear on TV.

It involves having the right to remain silent, having the right to hire an attorney, any words a person says may bear responsibility against them and so on. In any case that the officer doesn’t provide Miranda warnings or incorrectly recites them, then the defendant can rule out certain evidence at trial.


Even without the old wives tales on how to beat DUI charges, a person can completely surpass it. They can surpass it by not driving when intoxicated. Learning about defenses for DUI charges can help an individual in the future.

Substance Abuse in the Workplace

For a company like GWC Valve USA, they manufacture and store industrial valves that are used in several industries that use heavy machinery to complete their day-to-day tasks. Substance in the workplace can be a huge issue and cause many problems for the organization. Not only does it create impaired ability to perform a job which can result in more accidents, but it also results in more sick days and the employee becomes less productive overall. A substance abuser in the workplace is more likely to file a compensation claim. Substance abuse can be being addicted to drugs and alcohol and as well as taking more than the amount prescribed for a certain prescription drug is considered to be substance abuse. Every workplace should have a drug-free policy according to the workplace substance abuse occupational safety and health administration and especially for a company who manufactures and stores huge valves that can potentially crush an individual if they don’t operate a machine properly.


The policy stating a drug-free workplace environment has five parts including:

  1. A policy: this is the policy that was creating for that organization specifically and the rules and regulations should be according to the type of job and organization.
  2. Supervisor training: this tells the supervisor hat to do if they know an employee is addicted to drugs or alcohol and if that employee has been consuming it at work or not. There are several programs that can help the employee recover from their addiction.
  3. Employee education: every 3-6 months each organization like the GWC Valve USA, should have an employee educating program on drugs in the workplace and the impact it causes on productivity.
  4. Employee assistance program: this in place for employees who need assistance with their drug problem
  5. Drug testing: this is allowed by companies once the employee is hired or has been working with them if they are suspicious.

Why You Need Search Engine Reputation Management Services

Search engine reputation management services are often disregarded by businesses and can be overlooked as a key part of any organization. With the help of one of the many search engine reputation management services the stress of controlling your search engine reputation management is no longer a burden to you and your organization. The amount of search engine reputation management services out there available to you to choose from may make the decision overwhelming and you may find it difficult to distinguish any advantages of choosing one of the search engine reputation management services over the other. Trusting your search engine reputation management in the hands of someone else is a big deal and should be dealt with delicately.


You need to understand that your search engine reputation management is important because it is related to the content that shows up when your organization is searched by someone. The content that shows up after conducting the search may not necessarily be what you want your audience to see. With a strong search engine reputation management system, you can avoid the negative effects that come with being targeted by online content and anonymous users. Search engine reputation management services ensure that the content that appears in the search results are indeed the content you intend for your audience to see and is normally the content that your organization has created.

Your search engine reputation management needs to be maintained. It is not a problem that you can fix once and then assume that it is permanently fixed. Search engine reputation management services make it their main priority to protect your brand by pushing the unwanted content down the list of search results in order to bury it and make it irrelevant to online users. Your search engine reputation management may be more difficult to control than you may have thought, in which case, you should look into one of the several search engine reputation management services.

Why Focus on Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management deserves your undivided attention for many reasons. Your reputation management is a part of your business that you need to invest time and sometimes, money, into. The knowledge you will acquire from doing this will be one of the most valuable things you can apply to your business today. The way that online reputation management success is measures has changed drastically from the time that the internet first emerged onto the scene. The way consumers evaluate your reputation management and its efforts are absolutely detrimental to your success as whole regarding your business. With popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., comes a whole new list of responsibilities for your company. These social media platforms have established themselves as successful tools for companies to use as online reputation management efforts. Many businesses have mastered the use of these platforms to generate interest and business from consumers.


Many people do not know what online reputation management is or how it is related to their overall reputation management. These companies do not see the importance of properly managing their accounts and taking the time to implement strategies. These are the businesses that are not doing well. Online reputation management is becoming one of the most important parts of your business’ reputation management efforts.

Your business should focus their online reputation management efforts first with its brand protection. Online reputation management is constantly under attack by online users, anonymous or not, expressing themselves or deliberately trying to target a brand or company. You need to prove to your consumers that you believe in your products and services and care enough to protect them from this type of public shaming.

If you put enough effort into your online reputation management by implementing keywords, working on your search engine optimization and continuously monitoring your company’s progress, then you will quickly see that your brand is gaining visibility within the search results. This will help promote your brand and business. If you are among the first few search results, consumers will more likely be interested in you than if you were on the second page of Google.

Famous beach resorts of Albania that are a must to visit

Albania is a small country which features some of the most famous beaches of the world. Many people visit this country in the summer time to enjoy its natural beauty and peaceful and less crowded beaches. Albania also offers a range of many Albania beaches resorts which are located very near to the 10 kilometre long coastline of the Albania. These resorts offer many types of services to their customers. Mentioned below are the services that the beach resort offers to their customers.


Location: Most of these beach resorts are located very near to the coast line making it easier for the customers to visit the beach in just a few seconds. They also provide a great view of the entire sea till the horizon. Those people who are visiting Albania usually book these beach resorts to stay close to the beach. People do not want to stay in those hotels which are located far away from the beach and they have to travel a long distance just to reach the beach.

Rooms and suites: Those people who are planning their Albania holiday destination prefer to book their hotels and resorts according to the services which the resort provides to them. Rooms and suites service is another feature that is available with the beach resorts. They provide their customers with the air conditioned rooms in summer season when it is hot outside, mini bar, telephone service, satellite TV, Bath tub, Hair drier, free wifi and many other room features. They also provide best comfort and housing service till your stay.

Food and bar: These resorts also serve the best and delicious food. They provide their customers with the breakfast meals, lunch and dinner. They prepare food using the fresh meat and vegetables mixed with some local spices. They also serve you with some great sea food as well as fresh sea fruit. In lunch and dinner, they provide you with some local delicious cuisines as well as some international cuisines. They also provide their customers with a bar where they can drink some locally prepared wine and many other drinks. They also offer prepare other types of drinks according to your demands. Some hotels feature indoor restaurant and bar while some offer outdoor restaurant where you can just sit and relax to peacefully enjoy some delicious meal or drinks. Outdoor restaurants also offer a magnificent view of the sea and the beach.

Travel packages: Many resorts also provide their customers with travelling packages. They provide their customers with various kinds of attractive packages that include sightseeing and many types of adventurous activities to do. These activities include trekking, hiking, kayak riding, scuba diving, climbing, skiing, off road driving and many other types of activities. They also offer their car service or taxi service for your local travelling purpose. They schedule your travel package according to your comfort level. Some of the resorts have their own tour and travel agency while many other resorts uses a third party help to manage your travelling procedure to various location all around the country.

Convenient Basic Food Safety Training

The advance of interactive technology has meant that several of the food safety training courses which for a long time required a journey to a training centre have been created in an e-learning format.

These easily accessible online training packages can be utilised from the convenience of the business premises.

This should prompt business owners and management to invest in a food safety course online so that their employees are working to the correct legislation and standards.

The benefits of studying online include the lack of travel and the cost and time effectiveness for the business.


The higher level 4 management/supervisor course is still rolled out in a training centre or on site because it is far more in depth than levels 1, 2 and 3 for employees.

Of course management and supervisors still need to be trained at these levels, this is simple to organize.

Reputable companies like Food Alert in London manage food safety training online with courses that have been certified by either the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health (C.I.E.H.) or the Royal Society of the Protection of Health (R.S.P.H.)

A food safety course online at the most basic level would be at level 1.

This normally takes a couple of hours to complete and it acts as an induction tool so that new employees can become aware of their responsibilities with regards to food safety.

Also, front desk staff that come in to contact with food but are not occupied in the kitchen can be briefed on food hygiene.

The training can be used effectively with employees who have English as a second language or if someone has learning difficulties.

The CIEH level 1 food safety course online relates the necessity of food safety, food hygiene, cleaning and the risks of contamination.

At the end of the course there is a multiple choice test comprised of fifteen questions of which thirteen must be answered correctly.

It’s a great starting point or refresher for employees.

CIEH Level 2 Food Safety online training is an essential course for anyone involved in food preparation, manufacture or retailing.

This is more in depth than the level 1 online training and it deals with food safety at a practical task level.

Topics covered are:

  • Food safety and hygiene hazards
  • Temperature control
  • Refrigeration, chilling and cold holding
  • Cooking, hot holding and reheating
  • Food handling
  • Legislation
  • The principles of safe food storage
  • Cleaning
  • The food premises
  • Equipment

Not only does the student appreciate the ramifications of actions and the legislation which must be adhered to, they also learn how to identify and minimise risks.

For example, not selecting the same utensil for cooked and uncooked food makes cross contamination avoidable.

The course takes approximately four hours to complete. There’s a twenty question test of which fifteen questions must be answered correctly to achieve a pass.

Basic food safety training has never been easier to organise. Take advantage of resources today.

Best website for listings of club songs

Music plays an important role in our life. Some music makes us feel relaxed while some music makes us feel excited and full of energy. Music is a form of art that is evolved thousands of years ago. Since then human race always felt the need of good music. Many instruments and technology has been introduced to the music industry to improve this magical art of music. Music is also widely used in clubs. Many of the clubs are popular because of the kind of music that they play in their clubs. Usually club prefer club music, rock music, RnB music and a little of hip hop music. Club is the most popular genre of music that is mostly played in many clubs. Those people who are looking to bust their stress and have some quality time with their friends usually visit the clubs. These club songs helps in relieving the tension, stress, and tiredness from your body and makes you dance to the tunes of some great club music.


There are many websites which provides you with the latest dance club songs 2017. These websites are very helpful for those who don’t have much interest in music but still wants to enjoy some great club songs. There are many websites that offers the latest listings of the songs. You can visit those websites and can easily find out the top 10 club songs of all time. These websites lists every kind of music whether it’s rock music or a country music. They share the listings with you along with the link of music video which you can watch and listen. These links are mostly YouTube links. They also provide their users with a small summary of each and every song that they have put on their listings. They also mention the details of the artist who have made that song. They do their listing on weekly basis, monthly basis and yearly basis. They list their songs according to the popularity of the song. They also update their ratings on a regular basis.

These websites also provide you with the latest news of the music industry. Their news usually includes the upcoming music videos that are almost ready to be launched. They also provide news related to your favorite music artist. When is his next album going to release? What the artist is planning for his next album and many other news related to the music industry.

Four Strategies For Small Business Growth

In the event that you are an independent company proprietor, it is anything but difficult to lose center of your essential vision, mission and objective, and put your valuable time in useless thoughts. As a business person, official, or pioneer, concentrating on independent company development openings can be very testing when you’re managing impending emergencies that occupy you far from key business arranging.

It is vital accordingly that you invest quality energy to create business systems for exploring your organization, setting clear objectives and goals, and accomplishing your craved results.

In 2011, a diagram of the most concerning issues private ventures are confronting was discharged by the Institute of Directors. The report obviously distinguished the key issues testing independent company development and how they are affecting their survival. The motivation behind this article is to help you see how to turn those issues around to develop your business and increment benefit.

1. Absence of plainly characterized arrange

Did you realize that numerous independent venture proprietors maintain their organizations without a marketable strategy? Clearly, there is not business that works without an arrangement that develops.

On the off chance that you need your business to develop quicker, ensure you put quality time consistently in business arranging exercises. In the event that you as of now have one, it is vital additionally to modify it and upgrade with current patterns.

2. Insufficient initiative

Ordinarily you find that right around 85% of private venture proprietors and administrators are saddled with the duties regarding nearly everything in their business. You always end up in the propensity for changing from your essential initiative capacities to overseeing in this way losing the fixation you have to develop your business.

Each time you lose center of your essential authority parts and duties, you perpetually position your business to come up short. You should dependably concentrate on your center need capacities to keep up your viability.

3. Absence of execution

Absence of execution is presumably the real issue entrepreneurs confront.

Did you realize that pioneers and officials spend short of what one hour a month to create business procedures? More regrettable still, they don’t execute the methodologies they created and their representatives are never mindful of them either.

It doesn’t make a difference how sensible your business procedures look on paper, on the off chance that you are not dedicated to make enough move to execute them, the business will endure. Make a point to separate your systems into little noteworthy strides you can accomplish every day. Start with the littlest part first.

Solidify Dried Food – Just Add Water

Solidify Drying is the procedure used to expel most all water from sustenance. It expels all things considered 98% of water substance. The stop dry process is not the same as lack of hydration. The primary distinction amongst dried out and solidify dry nourishment is the way it is dried. Despite the fact that the procedure is more confused than the few stages that I’ll detail the essential procedure of stop dried nourishment is that it’s first glimmer solidified and after that put into a vacuum chamber that dries the sustenance. While getting dried out sustenance, the nourishment is additionally put into a drying chamber where air evacuates the water. Both strategies yield extraordinary results and either technique is utilized relying upon the sort of nourishment that should be dried. Diverse nourishments are more qualified for stop drying versus drying out and visa-versa. New vegetables work better to stop dry where noodles are better got dried out. Here are a portion of the key advantages:

State – It keeps the sustenances unique flavor, healthful and dietary esteem and it’s nourishment shading, size and shape. The nourishment is kept up similarly as it was before the stop dry process, just without the greater part of the water.

Estimate – This procedure diminishes the measure of the sustenance and thusly the measure of space required to store it. This takes into consideration organizations that make sustenance solidify dried to bundle the nourishment in one of a kind and frequently space sparing bundling.

Weight – With almost the majority of the water evacuated, the weight is significantly decreased. This makes an exceptionally compact item. Something you could stick in a rucksack for an overnight outdoors trip and not know it’s there.

Timeframe of realistic usability – In the stop dry express, the sustenance can convey a long time span of usability. It enormously diminishes nourishment waste. Hence, mass stop dried sustenance is normally utilized for crisis nourishment stockpiling.