Famous beach resorts of Albania that are a must to visit


Albania is a small country which features some of the most famous beaches of the world. Many people visit this country in the summer time to enjoy its natural beauty and peaceful and less crowded beaches. Albania also offers a range of many Albania beaches resorts which are located very near to the 10 kilometre long coastline of the Albania. These resorts offer many types of services to their customers. Mentioned below are the services that the beach resort offers to their customers.


Location: Most of these beach resorts are located very near to the coast line making it easier for the customers to visit the beach in just a few seconds. They also provide a great view of the entire sea till the horizon. Those people who are visiting Albania usually book these beach resorts to stay close to the beach. People do not want to stay in those hotels which are located far away from the beach and they have to travel a long distance just to reach the beach.

Rooms and suites: Those people who are planning their Albania holiday destination prefer to book their hotels and resorts according to the services which the resort provides to them. Rooms and suites service is another feature that is available with the beach resorts. They provide their customers with the air conditioned rooms in summer season when it is hot outside, mini bar, telephone service, satellite TV, Bath tub, Hair drier, free wifi and many other room features. They also provide best comfort and housing service till your stay.

Food and bar: These resorts also serve the best and delicious food. They provide their customers with the breakfast meals, lunch and dinner. They prepare food using the fresh meat and vegetables mixed with some local spices. They also serve you with some great sea food as well as fresh sea fruit. In lunch and dinner, they provide you with some local delicious cuisines as well as some international cuisines. They also provide their customers with a bar where they can drink some locally prepared wine and many other drinks. They also offer prepare other types of drinks according to your demands. Some hotels feature indoor restaurant and bar while some offer outdoor restaurant where you can just sit and relax to peacefully enjoy some delicious meal or drinks. Outdoor restaurants also offer a magnificent view of the sea and the beach.

Travel packages: Many resorts also provide their customers with travelling packages. They provide their customers with various kinds of attractive packages that include sightseeing and many types of adventurous activities to do. These activities include trekking, hiking, kayak riding, scuba diving, climbing, skiing, off road driving and many other types of activities. They also offer their car service or taxi service for your local travelling purpose. They schedule your travel package according to your comfort level. Some of the resorts have their own tour and travel agency while many other resorts uses a third party help to manage your travelling procedure to various location all around the country.

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