Substance Abuse in the Workplace


For a company like GWC Valve USA, they manufacture and store industrial valves that are used in several industries that use heavy machinery to complete their day-to-day tasks. Substance in the workplace can be a huge issue and cause many problems for the organization. Not only does it create impaired ability to perform a job which can result in more accidents, but it also results in more sick days and the employee becomes less productive overall. A substance abuser in the workplace is more likely to file a compensation claim. Substance abuse can be being addicted to drugs and alcohol and as well as taking more than the amount prescribed for a certain prescription drug is considered to be substance abuse. Every workplace should have a drug-free policy according to the workplace substance abuse occupational safety and health administration and especially for a company who manufactures and stores huge valves that can potentially crush an individual if they don’t operate a machine properly.


The policy stating a drug-free workplace environment has five parts including:

  1. A policy: this is the policy that was creating for that organization specifically and the rules and regulations should be according to the type of job and organization.
  2. Supervisor training: this tells the supervisor hat to do if they know an employee is addicted to drugs or alcohol and if that employee has been consuming it at work or not. There are several programs that can help the employee recover from their addiction.
  3. Employee education: every 3-6 months each organization like the GWC Valve USA, should have an employee educating program on drugs in the workplace and the impact it causes on productivity.
  4. Employee assistance program: this in place for employees who need assistance with their drug problem
  5. Drug testing: this is allowed by companies once the employee is hired or has been working with them if they are suspicious.

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